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E-Bike Motor Parts, Repairs & Servicing



E-Bike Motor Parts, Repairs & Servicing



E-Bike Motor Parts, Repairs & Servicing


ebike motor centre

Welcome to the home of e-Bike Motor Repairs

The eBike Motor Centre (formally, Performance Line Bearings) has become the “go to place” for all your e-Bike motor repairs and internal parts. Now serving many of the UK’s leading bike shops with their service and repair needs, as well as supplying countries all over the world through their partner network.

Based in the heart of New Forest, Performance Line Bearings began in 2018, and is now known as “The eBike Motor Centre”.


Bearing Identifier Part No. Guide

identifier bearing guide

If you are replacing your own bearings, you can find the bearings you require and their respective part numbers from our bearing identifier. These parts can then be found in our shop. If you require any internal motor parts, please contact us.

If your motor is not listed yet, you should still be able to find what you’re looking for in our shop.


  • 1Left-hand crankshaft bearing Part No PLB40521
  • 2O-ring left hand crankshaft Part No PLB40532
  • 3Drive gear bearing lower housing Part No PLB40524
  • 4Armature shaft needle bearing, upper housing Part No PLB40526
  • 5O-ring sprocket carrier Part No PLB40530
  • 6Steel drive gear sprag bearing Part No PLB40528
  • 7Right-hand crankshaft bearing Part No PLB40520
  • 8O-ring, lower armature bearing support Part No PLB40529
  • 9Armature support bearing left Part No PLB40523
  • 10Transfer gear shaft needle bearing, lower housing Part No PLB40525
  • 11Drive gear support bearing for right hand motor cover PLB40527
  • 12O-ring gear shaft small Part No PLB 40531
  • 13Motor drive gear support bearing. Part No PLB40522

What our customers say…

I cannot sing the praises of Peter and the company high enough. Peace of mind is a lovely thing. Knowing these guys will bend over backwards to help is a good feeling. They back their work 100 percent and strive to keep the customer happy. Excellent work.

David Lee

If your e-bike drive unit is noisy they can overhaul it and make it like new again. I took mine in and they opened up the drive unit while I was there… In my case it was a service exchange unit required but it was fitted and I was back riding again in no time. They know exactly what they are doing… Highly recommended.

Keith Taylor

Extremely informative & helpful & very quick service even though very busy. If you are unfortunate to have suffered with any ebike failures particularly internal motor bearings issues, this is the independent business to go to. Good value, good service & fast turnaround with all parts in stock on site. Victim of his own success!

John Touzel

Highly recommend, my motor was a Bosch gen2 performance cx line, and the pictures sent showed water had penetrated causing bearing failure, as well as the full overhaul opted for the additional seal and mud stop/seal… had to “file” the plastic outer cover so the mud stop did not rub on it (about 2mm around the circumference) used half round file , and now runs smoothly. Thank You.

John Taylor

I can’t praise enough the kind considerate help and after service advice I had when getting the Bosch CX motor serviced for my cube bike. You can’t beat in-depth professional experience for solving problems and getting you back on the road again. Restored my faith in human nature that people do genuinely want to help and provide an excellent service. Much appreciated, thanks!

Colin Eveleigh

First class service and workmanship from a friendly and helpful team. Carried out a full overhaul of my Bosch motor and it now looks, sounds, and runs like new. All for much less than half the price of a new motor. I can’t recommend Performance Line Bearings highly enough.

Philip Sephton

These guys are brilliant I sent my motor away to them and within 2 hours of it arriving to them they had emailed me pics of my motor and rang me with what it needed and price.had motor back next day all sorted.if you got an ebike and motor not sounding good send it off to them you won’t be disappointed.

Tony Beynon

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