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In April 2018 the world’s first dedicated eBike motor repair business was started by Peter Collard. Based in the heart of New Forest, Performance Line Bearings was born, later to become “eBike Motor Centre”.

Peter’s idea was to help other electric bike users get their bikes back on the road or trail after his own eBike motor failed and was no longer in warranty with the manufacturer.

Being a qualified mechanic and having come from a technical engineering background, Peter soon disassembled and analysed the motor and components necessary to repair it.

After an extensive search, it became apparent that there were no mechanical parts available to repair or service these eBike motors and some bearings and seals were bespoke to the manufacturers. It seemed that eBike owners simply had to buy a new motor, even though (in most cases) there was nothing seriously wrong with the motor they had! Now, a motor can now be repaired to last for many more miles instead of heading for landfill.

Peter also identified what could be called the Achilles heels or weak points of various eBike motors on the market and came up with solutions to repair or refurbish them. In some motors he was even able to enhance the original design. This progressed into the creation of repair and upgrade kits, seals and stronger parts more suited for the work these motors have to do.

eBike Motor Centre (formally, Performance Line Bearings) has become the “go to place” for your motor repairs and internal parts, and is now serving many of the UK’s leading bike shops with their service and repair needs, as well as supplying countries all over the world through eBike Motor Centre’s partner network.

By prolonging the life of the eBike motors we hope to contribute to a more sustainable future and be a part of the bigger picture of combating climate change.

Meet The Team

peter - ebike motor centre
Peter Collard
Lenka Collard
david - ebike motor centre
David Cousins
ryan - ebike motor centre
Ryan Stanley
James Watkins
Dylan Pidgley
Russ Cruse
Brett Roberts

Motor Service Centre

The eBike Motor Centre is Bosch and Brose accredited for diagnostics and also has diagnostic and test facilities for Specialized, Impulse and Yamaha.

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