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Brose Motor Upgrade Service

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At eBike Motor Centre we noticed the failure rates of the Brose motors has been widely reported and discussed on forums and social media platforms all over the world. We could also see from our own experience, and the sheer number of Brose motors going through our workshop that there were a few issues that needed addressing, particularly when used off road. Although Brose have been working hard to address some of these issues, that does not really help those outside of the warranty period. So we decided to do something about it!

We now offer an upgrade for all Brose motors. This includes the following:

  • Uprated thicker, stronger, Brose carbon fibre drive belt.
  • Uprated heavy duty sprag clutch bearing for the motor drive pulley
  • Uprated heavy duty sprag clutch bearing for the crankshaft drive
  • Single lip rotary shaft seal to stop water ingress into the crankshaft needle roller bearing and beyond (This also stops rust damage to the crankshaft bearing surface and premature failure of the crankshaft needle roller bearing)
  • Genuine Brose bearing cover seal for the right hand crankshaft ball bearing (Not factory fitted until 2017)
  • Waterproof long life grease packed between outer bearings and motor covers. (This helps stop water sitting in these areas and seeping into the outer bearings).
  • We also fit an external X-ring seal each side of the crankshaft to further stop the chance of any water ingress into the motor.
  • We remove the two ECU cover screws and seal these to stop water ingress into the ECU.
  • Finally, we treat and coat the motors’ electric plugs to stop corrosion and water entering the ECU by capillary action along the wires.

Price for Brose Motor Upgrade

The price is based on a motor being received in good working order, with no other parts or repairs required. Should we open your motor and find any issues that require attention, such as a worn or failing bearing, etc., we will contact you with a price to repair these issues before we continue with any upgrade work.

  • Brose T £191.55 Inc VAT*
  • Brose S £191.55 Inc VAT*
  • Brose TF £191.55 Inc VAT*
  • Brose S-Mag £215.77 Inc VAT* (If latest belt is not fitted)
  • Brose S-Mag £122.98 Inc VAT* (If latest belt is already fitted)

If you want peace of mind when miles from home, or you want your Brose motor as strong, watertight and reliable as is currently possible, just send your motor to us. This upgrade is also a must for anyone using their Brose powered eBike for race or competition use.

* Return shipping within GB £15.00

Example: We take a standard Brose motor with 1 layer of sealing before water enters the motor and when we are finished there are 5 layers of sealing!
1st layer an X-Ring seal
2nd layer waterproof grease
3rd layer single lip rotary seal
4th layer needle roller bearing outer seal
5th layer needle roller bearing inner seal

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