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Yamaha Bearings

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To find the right bearings and parts, click the picture showing the type of Yamaha motor you have

If you don’t know which motor type you have? You can tell by looking at the crankshaft where the pedal crank arms fit on. If your motor has square drive crankshaft like the motor below you can click on this picture to access the right bearings and parts.

A square drive crankshaft = PW, PW-SE, PE-ST, PW-TE & PW-CE Giant SyncDrive Sport

If your motor has a hollow crankshaft with a splined end, called an ISIS drive crankshaft as shown in the photo below, click on the picture to access the right bearings and parts.

Splined or “ISIS” crankshaft = PW-X, PW-X2 & Giant SyncDrive Pro

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