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ebike motor centre

Worldwide: If you would like to offer your own ebike motor overhaul service any where in the world, we are looking for trade partners. We can offer help and support with technical knowledge, parts and trade prices.

UK based trade: If you are trade and based in the UK, you could offer your customers the service to remove their motor and send it to us for repair or overhaul. It’s reasonable for you to charge for removing and refitting the motor, we can then repair the motor at a trade rate. This means we take the risk of repairing a motor you can’t get parts for, cover warranty issues, and you make a living.

*Do you have any old ebike motors hanging around the workshop? We would be happy to make an offer on them. Just contact us and we will get them picked up and priced. If you’re not happy with our offer, we will return them free of charge. We usually offer around £100.00 to £150.00 per motor

For a trade price list or to discuss further, please contact us:
Email: enquiries@ebikemotorcentre.com
Telephone: 01425 656656

*We purchase old or broken motors.

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