Crank arm puller for Bosch, Brose, Impulse, Yamaha. This puller will fit all models of all motors.

It fits ISIS drive cranks, square drive cranks and the Bosch Gen 3 Octalink. There is a button on the end and you just need to use it or not, depending on the type of crank you have.

Yamaha 36mm lockring tool

This tool has been specifically manufactured to fit between the spider and the 36mm nut that holds the front chainring spider on the Yamaha motor.

It has a 3/8″ socket drive for your ratchet or Torque wrench.

Tool will not fit Yamaha PW-X, X2 or X3 see here: PW-X Tool

NOTE: This tool will fit motors listed below.
Yamaha PW Series 1, 2 and 3
Yamaha PW-SE
Yamaha PW-ST
Yamaha PW-TE
Yamaha PW-CE

This is a 36mm thin walled socket to fit the Yamaha PW / PW-SE, ST, TE & CE 36mm chainring spider nut. Please note, if you have a castellated nut you will need Yamaha tool part number PLA00934.

This socket will work on the deepest chainring spiders, including Giant Syncdrive.

Yamaha PW-X & PW-X2 chainring spider nut tool

This is a castellated tool to fit the Yamaha PW-X and PW-X2 and Giant SyncDrive Pro chainring spider nut / lockring nut. This tool has a 3/8″ socket drive for your ratchet or Torque wrench.

If your motor has the 36mm normal looking nut, you will need the other Yamaha tool

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