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FAQs – Brose

Does my motor need regular service?

Brose motor should have its drive belt changed after 9,300 miles (15,000km). The rest of the motor is not designed to be serviced and should only fixed if it starts to fail.

Motor works on walk assist but will not work when I pedal?

This is usually caused by failure of the torque sensor and should be sent to us for torque sensor replacement.

My crank is stiff to turn backwards

This is normally the first sign that your motor crankshaft needle roller bearing is failing due to rust or a build-up of dust or grit.

My motor makes cracking, popping or screeching sounds

A fairly sure sign that one of the two motor clutch bearings are failing. Definitely worth getting this investigated as it will result in complete loss of drive.

My motor runs on when I stop pedalling

This can be one of two reasons:

  1. The crankshaft needle roller bearing is badly seized, breaking up or contaminated. This causes the crankshaft and sprocket carrier (torque sensor) to become one or very stiff to turn independently of each other.
  2. The clutch bearing is starting to fail and the ‘sprags’ (small feet that lock the bearing) are beginning to jam or stick. Both these scenarios allow the motor to continue to add power because it can only see that the crankshaft is still turning. This may happen right up to the cutoff speed.
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