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FAQs – Impulse

Does my motor need regular service?

No, these motors are not designed for regular servicing. However, one of the main causes of failure for this motor is the grease used for lubricating the steel gears and freewheel pawls. There are several major issues caused by this and the sooner this grease is removed and changed for a lighter grease the better.

Can you fix the Kalkhof clack?

Yes, we have identified the issue and  it’s fixable.

My motor seems to be getting louder?

This is quite usual for this motor and it should be addressed as soon as possible. The reason for this and most failures on this motor, is the grease (one thing Impulse never changed!) There are two metal gears in this motor, one gear is small and hard, the other gear is large and very soft. The hard gear shaves metal from the soft gear, these metal filings stick to the grease between the gear teeth and start to build up and put pressure on the support bearings. This pressure slowly builds as more metal debris is packed between the teeth, until the smaller of the bearings collapses. This does not usually take to long to happen.

My pedals slip and catch sometimes?

This is usually caused by the grease getting old and sticking the freewheel pawls down so that they cannot engage properly with the ratchet. If left, this will destroy the freewheel mechanism and steel drive gear ratchet. This is a lot of damage and should be addressed as soon as possible.

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