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How much does it cost to repair my motor?

We are often asked this question but cannot answer it fully until we know what is wrong or what requires replacement?

As a very rough guide for most ebike motors, the lowest price is £60 to £80.00 and worst-case scenario would normally be £250.00 to £350.00. (It is not common, but if internal parts require changing, this cost may be exceeded. Again, you will be informed of this before any work is carried out).

What is your current turnaround time?

This page is regularly updated if this time changes. We are currently operating on a 10 to 12 working day turnaround from the time your motor arrives with us.

Who should I use to send my motor with?

The courier you pick to send your motor to us is entirely your decision. Most seem to do a very reasonable job these days. You may want to save yourself some time and money by booking through companies such as https://www.parmonkey.com or https://www.parcel2go.com

What is involved with a full overhaul?

Your motor will first be tested, then all internal drive train parts removed for ultrasonic cleaning and inspection.

All drive train bearings will be removed and replaced with original or better. New grease will then be applied to all relevant surfaces and extra specialist greases maybe used to help protect from wear or water ingress. New seals, O-rings and circlips fitted. The motor is then reassembled in our clean, custom built workshop. (In the event that a part has failed or worn, you will be contacted before we go ahead and fit a new part).

What is involved in a service/repair?

Your motor is stripped and inspected, then we contact you with a report and price before going ahead with any work. Usually, just the parts or bearings that have failed will be replaced. Often with certain makes motors a full overhaul is normally required anyway.

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