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Specialized after warranty service

ebike motor centre

If you are the owner of a Specialized eBike and now find yourself out of warranty! Relax, you are now in very safe hands. The eBike Motor Centre is the parent company of EMCB, this is the new official Brose warranty service centre for the UK and Southern Ireland.

This means that Ebike Motor Centre shares the same Brose factory training, knowledge and support to help look after your Specialized Brose motor. We can service, upgrade or fix, just about everything to do with this motor. And at a price to suits your budget.

With both the support of Specialized and now Brose, we have worked extremely hard to perfect our “upgrade” package. Designed to extend the reliability, water resistance and strength of this already great little motor and giving you worry free rides for years to come.

There is currently, nothing that can’t be repaired on this motor!

Motor Service Centre

The eBike Motor Centre is Bosch and Brose accredited for diagnostics and also has diagnostic and test facilities for Specialized, Impulse and Yamaha.

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