This bearing race will fit Brose C, T, TF, S & S-Mag 2.1 & 2.2.

The large drive belt pulley contains a one way sprag clutch bearing and its race. This can become worn or damaged by rust, bearing failure etc. It can also be damaged while trying to remove the bearing itself.

The sprag clutch bearing MUST have a smooth, clean surface and the correct grease or the bearing will fail.


Part NumberE06855-xxx
Engine typeBrushless Internal Rotor
Weight2,900 g
Dimensions L/H/W198mm ? 137mm ? 99mm (Casing Width)
198mm ? 137mm ? 150mm (Axis width)
Nominal spanning36 V
Continuous Rated Power250 W
Couple90 Nm
Maximum support380%
Support up to25 km/h
Walking support up to6 km/h
Light sourceHeadlamp 2 A ? 12 V = 24 W Rear lamp 0,2 A ? 12 V = 2,4 W
Protection against ingress (seal)IP56

Please note the following important information:

When purchasing a new motor, we will require the old motor in our workshop so we can transfer all the relevant data from the old unit to the new unit.

After you have placed your order, we will provide you with a form to provide us with information so that we can prepare the new motor. Upon completion, you will receive a postage-paid shipping label to send the old motor to us, and we will return the new motor as soon as possible.

The old motor will be recycled by us. If you would like the old motor back, you can indicate this when sending us the old motor, but there will be an extra charge for this service to cover P&P.

This crankshaft will fit Brose C, T, TF, S & S-Mag 2.1 & 2.2.

The crankshaft bearing surface is a critical part of the motors overall reliability, motor noise and bearing life. The crankshaft has two important bearing surfaces. The needle roller bearing surface and the sprag clutch bearing surface. If either of these bearing surfaces become damaged or rusted and pitted, they will cause premature bearing failure, especially for the sprag clutch bearing. The sprag clutch bearing MUST have a smooth, clean surface or the bearing will fail.

The examples below show severe bearing surface damage.

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