Sprag clutch bearing grease for Brose motors. Part No PLB20150

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2 sprag clutch bearings are used in every Brose motor. Sprag clutch bearings allow rotation of a shaft in one direction but not the other. These bearings require lubrication to work reliably, but also rely on friction when they are required to stop rotation.

Special grease MUST be used. If a high pressure, or low friction grease like standard bearing grease, Teflon or ceramic based greases etc., the sprags will slip while under extreme load, causing a high wear rate. This can also cause the bearing to slip and grip violently causing premature failure.

This is a deliberately small pot of sprag bearing grease but still more than enough for both bearings. This grease should be applied as a thin film to the outside of the bearing and to lubricate the inner bearing race, a thin film of grease (approx 1mm thick) should be applied to the shaft that the bearing is to be fitted onto.

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