These high density, sticky backed foam pads are fitted to the Bosch Gen 2 motor to cushion between the motor and frame this can stop the motor creaking as it flexes against the frame mount.

Bosch Generation 2 motor BDU2xx (NOTE: Small chainring below).

This kit contains a stainless steel shield washer and a thinner 1.5mm circlip to replace the original 2mm clip.

The left hand crankshaft bearing should be covered with Bosch Long Life “Tacky” Grease then the shield washer placed over the outer bearing seal. The grease should be checked from time to time, depending on your riding terrain, bike cleaning habits, weather conditions etc.

Generation 2 motor BDU2xx (NOTE: Small chainring shown below)


If you are overhauling any Bosch Gen 2 motor, this kit contains every circlip used in the motor. These should be replaced to ensure good clip integrity.

Generation 2 motor BDU2xx (NOTE: Small chainring shown below).

Bosch Gen 2 Outer Crankshaft Circlip 2mm PLA00921, these are the two circlips visible on either side of the crankshaft. They are 19.5mm internal diameter and 2mm thick, fitted to the Bosch Gen 2 motor.

Bosch Generation 2 motor BDU2xx (NOTE: Small chainring)

This is a durable double lip seal, specifically manufactured to fit the Bosch crankshaft. An effective waterproof barrier for the Bosch right-hand crankshaft bearing.

If fitted with the MudStop bearing seal it makes a formidable barrier against water, mud or dust entering into the bearings of your expensive motor. Click here for instructions: 

With seal and MudStop fitted below.

Bosch Generation 2 motor BDU2xx below (NOTE: Small chainring)

MudStop sealing system was designed by VeloLab to ensure better protection for the vulnerable main motor bearing on the Bosch Active and Performance Line / CX motors.

Unlike the Bosch protection seal, MudStop completely covers the entire main motor bearing and outer casing. This stops water and contamination getting past the cover and entering the bearing.

When used with the custom made crankshaft seal, it makes your motor as protected as it always should have been

Full information and instructions can be found here: 

Bosch long life tacky grease for any externally fitted seal or bearing cover. This is an excellent product to greatly increase the life and water integrity of your ebike motor.

This grease should be checked and re-applied on a regular basis depending on your local weather conditions, riding terrain, bike cleaning habits etc.

This grease should NOT be used inside the motor!

Bosch drive unit grease for gears and bearings within the motor. This grease should be used for overhauls or re-greasing Bosch Performance Line motors.

These O-rings sit below the crankshaft bearings to prevent water ingress under the bearing itself.

Bosch Gen 2 Crankshaft O-rings

Fits behind the sprocket nut of the Bosch Gen 2 motor.

Bosch Generation 2 motor BDU2xx (NOTE: Small chainring)

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