Bosch Gen 2 motor service repair kit +Part No PLB00703

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This kit is designed for the mechanic or engineer who has the tools to remove the motor and is looking to do a full overhaul properly.

We have taken a genuine Bosch service / repair kit, removed the felt seals*, then added all the parts required for the rest of the motor. Left-hand crankshaft bearing, freewheel gear needle roller bearing, both transfer gear bearings, left-hand crankshaft O-ring and sprocket carrier O-ring, all 10 new circlips, the two thrust washers that sit each side of the main crankshaft drive gear, right hand crankshaft seal (this replaces the Bosch felt seals and is 100% waterproof) and a full set of new damping films to fit between the motor and frame.

We know that many of the motors we work on have suffered water damage to the other bearings used in the drive unit that are not replaced by fitting a Bosch service kit. We have now added these bearings and components to service the left-hand side of the motor too. This ensures you have everything you need to do the whole job properly.

We can fit this kit and bearings for you, and offer our own 12 month Performance Line Bearings parts and labour warranty. Fitting cost £315.00 + p&p

You may also want to consider our own Mega kit containing all you need to fully overhaul your own motor from scratch, and seal it to lessen the chance of failure happening again. Even the special tools to remove it are included.

This kit is sold on the understanding that you have a basic level of technical expertise and does not include hand tools or INSTRUCTIONS!

*We strongly recommend not fitting the felt “seals”, these are causing severe issues in wet or dusty conditions.

Bosch Generation 2 motor BDU2xx (NOTE: Small chainring below).

Bosch Gen 2 motor service repair kit

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